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Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by the State of Nebraska and Human Services Department. We are inspected periodically by our child care licensing specialist, the fire marshal, and DHHS to ensure that we are meeting the most recent regulations.


What are your teacher to child ratios?

6 weeks to 18 months: 1:4

18 months - 3 years old: 1:6

3 - 4 years old: 1:10

4 - 5 years: 1:12

School-Aged Children: 1:15


What meals are provided?

We provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Nutrition is very important to us and we ensure the meals we provide meet the nutrition requirements set by the USDA.


What is your television policy?

We do allow limited use of television at Kids RoundUp from 6:00-7:00 a.m. to allow for early morning drop-off. After 7:00 a.m. we have a no T.V. policy. We will only provide TV if it fits in with our weekly themed curriculum and must be approved by the director. These TV times are planned far in advance, and parents will be aware of them prior to the occasion.


What security measures do you take for your facilities?

Automated Door Locks - We have passcode activated door locks which prevent children from wandering out and strangers from gaining entry.

Video Monitoring - We have cameras recording 24/7 both inside and outside the facilities.

Staffed Front Desk - This extra set of eyes is to confirm no one suspicious enters the building

Emergency Drills: We do regular drills for tornado, fire and lock-down. These drills are recorded and completed multiple times throughout the year.


Are you continuing to take safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Our current safety measures include:

  • health checks throughout daily care

  • hand washing upon entry of the facility and often throughout the day

  • cleaning crew scheduled daily to deep clean frequently touched areas in the facility

  • daily cleaning sign-off/checklists

  • partnered with CleanCore Solutions to kill viruses in the air and bacteria/viruses within the facility


  • if parents choose to, they may call ahead and we will bring their children outside to them and/or get their children from them outside

  • hand sanitizer is located throughout the building for staff and parent use

  • deliveries are to be left at the door

  • virtual tours offered


What are your rates?

Our rates differ from class-to-class and they are dependent on which program you choose to enroll in. Our administrators will discuss rates in detail with you during your tour.


Is there a weekly learning plan?

Yes, please see "Our Programs" to learn more about the learning programs Kids Roundup offers for each age group.


What is your discipline policy?

Our teachers will use forms of discipline such as redirection, time-outs (1 minute per their age), and if necessary, a removal from the area. Verbal communication is necessary when working with children so that they understand the reason the behavior is considered appropriate or inappropriate. Your child will be reminded of the rules and the explanation for having such rules. Due to the variety of ages at the center, discipline will be age-appropriate; a toddler or an infant does not have the same cognitive ability as the preschool aged child, and we understand that. The goal is that with consistent discipline, the negative behavior will be corrected. Our teachers will work closely with parents when it comes to discipline. By working together, children learn and understand better what is expected of them.


How do you communicate with parents?

Parent Board: We will post on the parent board about special activities or plans that we have coming up at the center.

Daily Communication: Daily verbal communication is a very important part of our program. Communication is the key to success when working with children.

Conferences: Conferences with the director and staff are available at any time. We also have optional conferences twice a year for our preschool children. This is an opportunity for you and your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s growth, progress, goals and development.

Procare: Procare is an application used for our teachers to communicate with parents. Each classroom has this application and parents are free to download the app to receive information, pictures, and videos of their child’s day. Parents can select their communication style from emails, texts or apps.


Does Kids Roundup accept Title XX?

Yes. Both of our locations do provide services for families that receive benefits through the Department of Health and Human Services child care subsidy program. We do ask that you provide within the first two weeks of enrollment proof that your family is qualified for child care subsidy. We are also approved for the Army subsidy program. Please ask us for more information if this applies to you.


Do you transport children in a vehicle?

Yes. Our centers offer before and after school transportation to Gretna Elementary, Aspen Creek Elementary, Harvest Hills Elementary and Thomas Elementary.

Throughout the summer months, our school-aged children will go on weekly field trips.

Our preschool children will have opportunities to go on a handful of educational and fun-filled field trips throughout the year.

Each staff member who is responsible for driving the vans has taken the Vehicle Transportation Training course and is over the age of 21 years old. Vehicle safety is important to us and we have strict transportation policies that our drivers carefully follow.


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