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Sports at daycare


Physical activity is important and it's one of the many ways to keep our bodies healthy. It helps with our growth and development and gives the children opportunities to discover newfound interests. Being physically active helps sharpen our minds and almost guarantees well-rested children. With our large indoor space and outdoor play area, we encourage physical activity daily. Kids RoundUp is teamed up with "Amazing Athletes" who's coaches come to our facilities for on-site lessons in soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, football, golf, baseball and track and field. Additional fees apply if you choose to enroll your child in this athlete program.


Children at Kids Roundup will listen to music daily beginning as young as 6 weeks old. Music repetition is important for toddlers as it encourages memorization and using our words. Preschoolers enjoy songs about things that are familiar to them and they love to sing loud and proud for all to hear. Musical instruments will often be used to practice rhythm and beats. Studies have shown that music helps to accelerate our brain's development and speech in young children. Our teachers host a holiday music program in December, which we encourage all enrolled children and families to attend.

Music at daycare


Preschool field trips

We have community workers such as police officers, firefighters, librarians, and farmers come to present to our children. We also have special guests such as wild animals, bakers, artists, astronomers, and more! In-house field trips provide your child with engaging learning opportunities in a safe and familiar environment.


Sensory exploration allows children to stimulate their senses - balance, movement, feeling, smelling, listening, and seeing. When using these senses children are naturally encouraged to use different scientific processes while they play, create, discover, and explore! This type of play helps with language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction!

sensory play kids
kids reading books


There are many benefits to reading to children. Did you know that reading to your children for just 10 minutes a day can improve their imaginations, help them gain a better understanding of the world around them, build their vocabulary and create a lifelong love of learning? Reading has so many benefits and these are just a few! Kids Roundup offers our enrolled families an opportunity to join our book club! Each month these families are sent home with a new book to add to their at-home libraries. We incorporate reading daily into each of our classrooms and this is one way to share our love of reading with our families! If you are interested in joining our book club, let our director know and we can give you more information!

Happy Kids Huddle


Our teachers and staff know children. We know they each learn at their own pace. We know they love having fun. We know they love learning. And we know the importance of early education. Here at Kids Roundup, we provide our students with many hands-on learning activities such as yoga, art, cooking, science, dancing, and more to inspire learning and make it fun!


There are many benefits when it comes to children's yoga and gymnastics. Studies have shown that these experiences increase body awareness, build strength and coordination, improve relaxation, provide a sense of calmness and increase our abilities to concentrate. While we do not teach the spiritual aspects of yoga, these activities still relax their little bodies and minds. Our staff will often incorporate fun narrative poses that go along with our educational themes to make your little one's yoga experiences engaging and fun!

Kids yoga
Kids art classes


Art provides children with opportunities to boost self-confidence, explore the world around them through a variety of tools, get creative, enhance fine motor skills, learn basic math skills and much more! It's amazing how many skills are learned through art and we strive to provide a variety of daily art experiences to our children. It is important to us that we create learning experiences that encourage children to be creative, have fun, and get messy!


Not only does dancing keep us active but it also gives children opportunities to build trust, improve their social skills, learn teamwork, and enables them to listen and communicate better. Children are not meant to sit still and dancing gives us the opportunity to get our wiggles out! Kids Roundup is partnered with "Dance Express." Their dance instructors come to our facility for in-house dance classes. Additional fees do apply if you choose to enroll your child in these in-house dance classes.

Kids dance classes



Learning through movement and play!

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